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  • Email: info@norlandwealth.com
  • Office: 1 Andy Umana Lane, off Aka Road, Uyo

Compensation Plan

10 BONUS PAYOUTS (ways to earn) IN NORLAND

(1) Fortune card bonus

This is our DAILY PAY BONUS. Yes! You earn EVERY DAY.

(2) Fast start bonus

This is paid when you have completed your binary.

(3) Free Product Voucher (FPV) bonus

You are rewarded 25% of the total amount the person you recruit comes in with, in products.

(5) Group performance bonus

Percentage payout for each membership level is as follows:

  • Senior: 10%
  • Bronze : 10.5%
  • Silver: 11%
  • Gold: 12%
  • Diamond: 13%.

(5) Leadership Bonus

This bonus are for people from the Silver level down to the Diamond level:

  • Silver: 8% of entire 1st generation
  • Gold: 8% from 1st generation & 5% from 2nd generation
  • Diamond: 8% from 1st generation, 5% from 2nd generation & 5% from 3rd generation.

(6) Maintenance bonus

Now this is a game changer For purchasing as little as 28pvs monthly (which is to the tune of ₦14,800 being price for a bottle of Mebo GI), Norland pays you on a compressed system running through 12 (TWELVE) generations.

(7) Repurchase Bonus or Preferred Customer

Norland pays you 20% back on any order you make after your initial sign up.

(8) Benefits bonus

Norland sets aside 1.5% global income for your personal trip (not promo trip) and 1% global income for a status car (of choice).

(9) Honorary Bonus

Norland sets aside a substantial amount of money in the Honorary Bonus section of your back office e-wallet for leaders reaching the rank of Gold diamond and above. This is where u have house funds to the tune of 30million naira and above.

(10) Retail bonus (Sales)

The company sets profit at 20% of the product Pvs but it safe to say this is entirely your prerogative. Your selling point is that all Norland products will sell themselves They are testimony oriented and driven.