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About Us

About Norland Wealth


The multilevel marketing wing of Norland was founded in 2008, The company itself is over 27 years old. She is a large scale transnational industrial group which covers health, medical cosmetology, Direct selling (MLM) and e-commerce industries and is integrated with numerous businesses including health management, medical services, production, international logistics and finance.
The company has taken a lead in the health detoxification field by adhering to its vision of “Build a global ecosystem of health and detoxification so that all may benefit from health awareness. Currently Norland is in well over 48 countries and 4 continents, including Africa which started in 2017. And in Nigeria, we just clocked 2 years last October and have created more millionaires than the average result of other companies combined. Fact!!!

Our Strategic Plan

All of our entities connect and support each other thus enhancing a healthy development of the global business of Norland Industrial group.
Currently, Norland is implementing its “the second five year strategic plan” and making a strenuous efforts to achieve the its four main objectives of “building a century foundation, shaping a century brand, successfully making millions of elites and serving millions of families wholeheartedly”.

Our Value System

  • Morality: The basis of our business.
  • Love: The source of our spirit.
  • Honesty: The philosophy of our management.
  • Harmony: The road to prosperity

Norland Strategic Goals

  • Building a century foundation.
  • Shape a century brand.
  • Make millions of elites successful.
  • Serve millions of families wholeheartedly

Norland Compensation Plan

Norland is a Network Marketing Company. It is also a Multi-Level Marketing company. The compensation plan of Norland comprise a number of earnings from both personal sales and commissions on sales on others referred. Much also depends on the level of your membership.